Smoky Mountain Winterfest - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When / where is Smoky Mountain Winterfest 2024
A. Smoky Mountain Winterfest 2024 will take place March, 1-3, 2024, at the LeConte Center, 2986 Teaster Ln, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Q. What is the cost to attend Smoky Mountain Winterfest and what does the price include?

A.  The cost is:
$164.00 per person if there are four or five people sharing a room,
$190.00 per person if there are three people sharing a room,
$240.00 per person if there are two people sharing a room,
$380.00 per person if there is only one person in the room.

The cost includes two nights lodging and Winterfest tickets to all sessions.

Q.  What is the cost for our bus driver?

A.  A room for your bus driver is $298.00 for the two nights of Winterfest.  This rate does not include tickets to any sessions.  Your bus driver will be housed at the same location as your group unless you are specifically notified of other arrangements.

Q.  If my group wishes to arrive on Thursday night will CSA handle the arrangements and what is the cost?

A.  CSA will add a Thursday arrival to your group’s reservation for $149.00 per room.  Your request for a Thursday arrival should be noted on your room list.

Q. What are the deadlines for registering?

A. A $200.00 per room deposit is required to begin your registration process. Please try to make this deposit by December 15, 2023.  We understand that the number of rooms you initially register for is an estimate and that the actual number of rooms may be adjusted until February 2, 2024, which is the final day to drop or add rooms.  The deposit amount will be applied to your total charges. Registrations are accepted as long as space is available.

Q. Should I expect to receive any correspondence from CSA after I submit my registration form and deposit?

A. Yes. Once you have submitted your registration form and paid your $200.00 per room deposit you will receive an email from CSA confirming that we have received your payment and registration information.  This correspondence will instruct you as to your next step in the registration process.

Q.  What other information or correspondence should I expect to receive from CSA?

A.  After you have submitted your registration form and paid your deposit you must submit a room list for your group detailing who is staying in each room. Please submit your room list online at: Based upon the room list information you submit CSA sets up an account for your group and calculates your balance due.  CSA will notify you after the February 2, 2024, deadline for adding or dropping rooms.  You may update your room list and make payments on your account at any time before the February 2, 2024, deadline. 

Q. When do I find out what hotel my group has been assigned to?

A. CSA will email your “Housing Assignment Letter” approximately two weeks prior to your arrival.

Q.  May I request a particular hotel or location for my group?

A.  Yes.  All groups are assigned in chronological order based on the date of receipt of the $200.00 deposit and registration form.  CSA will make the best effort to accommodate requests when your group is assigned.  Not all hotels are used every year and it is possible that a particular hotel that is requested may not be used this year.

Q.  What methods of payment are acceptable?

A.  All Winterfest registration takes place online. Payment should be made by church credit card.  In addition, church checks are accepted if you pay by mail. Personal checks or credit cards are not accepted because of the tax exempt nature of the Winterfest events.

Q.  When and where does my group register?

A.  Registration for Smoky Mountain Winterfest begins at 9:00 AM Friday, March 1, 2024, and will be located at the LeConte Center, Pigeon Forge, TN where the event will be held.  Registration is scheduled to close at 7:00 p.m.

Q.  Will you mail my groups tickets to Winterfest prior to the event?

A.  No.  Your tickets to the event will be available only at registration.

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